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Over the past week, we've been bringing you updates in regards to the Australian Defence Force's ongoing role in the region as the flood disaster response continues. We'll continue to do so over the coming days and weeks as things develop on the ground. You're probably aware that the Australian Government formed Joint Task Force 646 to lead the initial major disaster response effort across our region. Joint Task Force 646 also deployed an initial planning and advice team, who have worked closely with us to develop a carcass disposal strategy. This plan will be finalised in the coming days and signed off by the end of the week. 

Input from a range of state and federal government agencies, as well as listening to our producers on the land, has helped us get this far in a short space of time. Carcass remediation action is underway with the distribution of Queensland Government disposal safety guidance and the delivery of PPE, while aerial reconnaissance imagery continues to come in to help us identify areas that require priority attention.

Initial major disaster emergency response operations have begun to wind down in our area. This is being done to allow us to commence a transition from an initial disaster response under Joint Task Force 646 to a Queensland State Disaster Recovery Coordination under the leadership of Major-General Stuart Smith (retired). Brigadier Stephen Jobson and his staff remain ready to support our neighbours further north in the Shire of Carpentaria until such time as the local council there advises that initial major disaster response is no longer required. 

Maj-Gen Smith (ret'd) will work closely with state and federal government agencies to prioritise our most pressing needs as we move forward with our recovery.


Pictured: Brigadier Stephen Jobson, Mayor Jane McNamara, and Major-General Sturt Smith(ret’d)