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Flinders Shire Grid Upgrade/Replacement Subsidy Program

Council’s objective is to subsidize graziers for the upgrade/replacement or removal of grids from Shire controlled roads and to ensure that all grids within the Shire comply with the standards set by Council.
Council has allocated funds in the current year’s budget for this program that will be reviewed each year at the annual Budget. 
Council is offering the following arrangements to property owners who will contribute the following amounts based on the two grid sizes –
Property boundary grids ((2.7m x 4m) owners contribute $3,500 (ex GST)
Internal property grids (2m x 4m) owners contribute $3,000 (ex GST)
The cost includes the purchase, delivery and costs of installation by Council of the grid, abutments and attachments.
Further information or an application form and copy of the policy is available from Mackayla Haydon, Engineering Admin Officer – telephone 47412900. 
Completed subsidy forms are to be put in a sealed envelope endorsed with ‘Grid Subsidy’ and placed in the Tender Box at the Council Office, 34 Gray Street, Hughenden prior to the Grid Subsidy closing time.
Applications close 2.00pm, 8 November 2019.
Daryl Buckingham
Chief Executive Officer