Beef Processing Opportunity Beef Processing Opportunity

Beef Processing Opportunity in Hughenden (Abattior / Meatworks)

Flinders Shire Council (FSC) has taken the first steps to secure the region’s place as a reliable, innovative supplier of quality Australian beef to growing markets in Asia, Middle East and other parts of the world.

The below document presents the main findings from two studies commissioned by FSC for a beef processing plant (Abattior / Meatworks) at Hughenden, in the centre of Flinders Shire. It will assist investors and their advisors to appreciate Flinders Shire’s special place in Queensland’s beef production industry and to outline the next steps to develop this venture further.

Beef Processing Opportunity Report


Other Information and Media Releases


Modelling a more efficient future for cattle transport - April 2015

The new TRANSIT tool developed by CSIRO is identifying ways to cut the costs of transporting cattle—offering solutions that would reduce the vast distances travelled and the numbers of trucks on the road. The tool will be applied beyond the livestock industry for use more broadly in the agricultural and logistics sectors.

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Memorandum of Understanding - November 2015

Memorandum of Understanding agreed between Flinders Shire Council, NorthBEEF Inc. and DSCY (Aust.) Investment Pty Ltd on developing an export approved meat processing plant in Hughenden, North West Queensland

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New Meatworks One Step Closer - November 2015

HUGHENDEN is one step closer to having a meatworks built in the town following a milestone agreement between the Flinders Shire Council, NorthBEEF Inc and a Chinese investor.

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TRAnsport Network Strategic Investment Tool (TRANSIT) - June 2016

CSIRO's TRANSIT tool analyses transport options for agriculture to identify potential cost savings. 

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China - Hughenden Meat Processing Plant Goodwill Tour - November 2016

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