Flinders Shire Council Planning Scheme

On 19 September 2017 Flinders Shire Council resolved to adopt the Shire of Flinders Planning Scheme 2017, commencing 02 October 2017. This new planning scheme replaces the Flinders Shire Council Planning Scheme 2005.

The planning scheme provides a framework for managing development and land use within Flinders Shire and was developed to support Council’s vision:
A proactive an innovative regional community that will lead the next stage of development in North West Queensland, while preserving the friendly nature and strong community spirit Flinders Shire is known for.

This video prepared by the Department of Infrastructure, Local Government and Planning may assist in navigating the Queensland planning system, identifying key planning concepts and provides an explanation of planning scheme codes.


Minor Amendment No.1 to the Shire of Flinders Planning Scheme 2017

 On 13 February 2018, Flinders Shire Council resolved to adopt:
a) Minor Amendment No. 1 to the Shire of Flinders Planning Scheme 2017.
This will have effect on and from 28 February 2018.
The purpose and general effect of Minor Amendment No. 1 is to correct a minor mapping error. 
This Minor Amendment will remove Lot 4 on H20327 from the Recreation and open space zone and include it in the General residential zone.
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Planning and Environment Court Appeals database

This database provides information about appeals made after 15 March 2008. For earlier appeals, please contact the department.

The details provided in this database are for information purposes only. The database relies on the information provided to the department in the notice of appeal or declaration under the service obligations of the Planning Act and the repealed Sustainable Planning Act 2009.

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