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Flinders Shire Council Sport & Recreation Plan

Many local community groups provided valuable input into the Sport & Recreation Plan, including sport and recreational clubs, community organisations, schools, young people, government agencies, facility operators, police and district health service staff. In addition many residents took the time to attend community forums or contact the consulting team directly. We are grateful to these groups and individuals.  The project received funding under the Queensland Department of Local Government, Planning, Sport and Recreation's Local Sport and Recreation Program.

Sport & Recreation Plan



Hughenden Showgrounds Master Plan & Pictorial Plan

The Hughenden Showground has developed into a multi-use facility servicing much of the Shire's sport, recreation and outdoor event needs. The Showgrounds Master Plan has been developed based on consultation with all user-groups, various members of the community and Council Officers.  The Showgrounds Co-ordination Group continues to meet regularly.

Hughenden Showgrounds Master Plan



Hughenden Memorial Aquatic Centre Master Plan & Pictorial Plan

This master plan provides an opportunity for Flinders Shire Council to ensure that the redevelopment of the swimming pool complex is appropriate, consistent and sustainable so that it can provide for the competitive, leisure and recreational aquatic needs of the community.

Hughenden Memorial Aquatic Centre

Tourism Development Plan Tourism Development Plan

Tourism Development Plan

The Flinders Shire Council's Tourism Development Plan seeks to encapsulate all the experiences that a visitor is afforded within the Flinders Shire. This plan identifies areas of priority and development for tourism in the Flinders Shire -   enabling the focus of resources and time to areas of development necessary to further expand and enhance the local tourism experience and market. It is envisaged that these priority areas will establish the base for future product and tourism specific development in coming years.

Tourism Development Plan