Flinders Shire Council Historical Photograph Collection Flinders Shire Council Historical Photograph Collection

The Flinders Shire Council Historical Photograph Collection is a project sponsored by the Regional Arts Development Fund (RADF) - a state and local govenrment partnership that supports professional and emerging professional artists and arts practitioners living in regional Queensland. 

The collection includes more than 1000 historical photographs and digital images (from settlement to the present) from Hughenden and the surrounding areas. Some of the photographs - both original and reproduced - have been donated by communty members but the project was initially started in May 2011 with almost 900 photos signed over to Council by the Hughenden District Historical Society. 

One of the oldest images, a reproduced wedding portrait, dates back to 1887. Facts about photos have been obtained or verified through personal accounts and Births, Death and Marriages. 

The collection includes photographs from the following themes:

  • Early settlement and development 
  • Railway
  • People and families
  • Military service
  • Community events and groups
  • Indigenous communities
  • Agriculture and rural history
  • Town planning and development, including streetscapes and buildings
  • Local businesses and initiatives.


Completed Historic Books: