The Hughenden Showgrounds is the major sport and recreation facility and public events hub for the town and Shire. The Showgrounds has developed into a multi-use facility servicing much of the Shire's sport, recreation and outdoor event needs.

  The facility includes: 

  • Grassed arena/ring (with lighting)
  • Pavilions and halls
  • Kitchens and bars
  • Office facility
  • Extensive cattle yards
  • Club house
  • Storage facilities
  • Covered indoor arena
  • Multiple show and toilet block


The precinct consists is well established, with permanent users including:

  • Hughenden Show Society
  • Rugby League
  • Pony Club
  • Gymnastics
  • Campdraft
  • Performance horse sports


 For more information and bookings please contact:



Hughenden RV Camp Grounds

The Flinders Shire Council RV Camp is located outside the Hughenden Showgrounds. It is located a short distance away from essential facilities such as medical services, fuel, pharmacy and grocery stores.  The camp is designed to accommodate fully self contained RV vehicles and caravans for a maximum of 96 hours.
The camp is clearly identified with signage that outlines conditions for use of the camp.  It also identifies that a permit is required in order to stay at the camp.  Permits are issued at the Flinders Discovery Centre where there is currently no charge for using the site.
Visitors are required to agree and declare that their accommodation complies with the following conditions:
  • Is fully self-contained (no portable shower or toilet accepted)
  • Has grey water holding tank
  • Has a black water holding tank or toilet cassette.


Conditions of camping are as follows:
  • No dumping of black/grey water on ground or trees – dumping facilities available in RV Park or McLaren Street (a map is provided with each permit)
  • No Dumping of garbage
  • No open fires – fuel stoves only
  • Pets allowed must be restrained
  • Local events will take precedence over motor homes/caravans e.g.; Camp draft and local show
  • Council has the right to move on any suitable vehicles or non paying visitor from the site


For the enjoyment of all users and to keep the amenity of the area above conditions are NOT NEGOTIABLE and those not adhering to them will:  
  • Lose the approval to camp in the area
  • Make themselves open to the issue of an on-the-spot fine; and / or be required to leave
  • Non compliance or failure to display a valid permit is a 10 penalty unit fine
All campers must register and have a permit displayed.
Permits are available at the Flinders Discovery Centre between 9am – 5pm and after hours with the Showgrounds Caretaker on 0438 460 259.