Administrative/Staff Complaints Only Administrative/Staff Complaints Only

Refer to definition below as to what constitutes a Administrative/Staff Complaint.  This is different from a `Request for Service' (refer to the tab below).  Flinders Shire Council is committed to effective complaints management and welcomes feedback and complaints to continually improve its processes and services delivery.


Complaints can be made by telephone, complaints form available from the Shire Office, email, mail, fax and online form (below).


Most complaints will be resolved within five (5) working days and the complainant contacted with the outcome.


To assist Council manage the complaint, the following information should be submitted: complainant name, contact details, subject matter of the complaint, relevant information supporting the complaint, grounds of the complaint, detriment suffered and outcomes requested.


The Flinders Shire Council respects your privacy. Personal information is collected in accordance with the Information Privacy Act 2009 guidelines and is used only by Council staff for the purpose of resolving a customer complaint and will not be disclosed unless required by law.


Contact Council by phone on 47412900 or in person at 34 Gray Street, Hughenden.


For a copy of the Flinders Shire Council Policy for Staff and Administrative Complaints CLICK HERE.

For a hardcopy of the Staff/Administrative Complaints Form CLICK HERE.

The Queensland Ombudsman has released a brochure that provides people with a step-by-step guide on how to lodge a complaint with their local council or state government department. To access this CLICK HERE.


Local Government Act 2009 - 268 Process for administrative action complaints


(1) A local government must adopt a process for resolving administrative action complaints.


(2) An administrative action complaint is a complaint that—

(a) is about an administrative action of a local government, including the following, for example—

(i) a decision, or a failure to make a decision, including a failure to provide a written statement of reasons for a decision;

(ii) an act, or a failure to do an act;

(iii) the formulation of a proposal or intention;

(iv) the making of a recommendation; and

(b) is made by an affected person.

(3) An affected person is a person who is apparently directly affected by an administrative action of a local government.

(4) A regulation may provide for the process for resolving complaints about administrative actions of the local government by affected persons.


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Adminstrative/Staff Complaints Only
Please submit your complaint about Council Staff or Administration as per the definition above. Please include your NAME, ADDRESS, PHONE, EMAIL or your request can not be processed.
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