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This section of the website is to ensure Council meets the requirements of Local Government Regulation 2012:


Part 7 Public access to particular documents; section 199 Public access to relevant financial and planning documents
(1) This section applies to the following documents of a local government—
(a) 5-year corporate plan;
(b) annual budget;
(c) general purpose financial statement;
(d) community financial report;
(e) annual report;
(f) investment policy;
(g) debt policy;
(h) community grants policy;
(i) procurement policy.
(2) The local government must allow the public—
(a) to inspect the documents—
(i) at the local government's public office; and
(ii) on the local government's website; and
(b) to purchase copies of the documents from the local government.
(3) The price for purchasing a copy of a document must be no more than the cost to the local government of making the copy available for purchase.