Achievements Achievements

October  2010 - April 2011
Oct-Nov 2010:
1. Community consultations conducted with:
  • Aboriginal elders
  • Men groups
  • Seniors at Hiome and Community Care
  • Volunteering seniors
  • Open session with public
  • Wider Indigenous community 
2. Indigenous elders community consultations report and General community consultation report, completed and disseminated to the Flinders Shire Healthy Community committee
3. Dec 2010:
Some findings of the community consultations advocated at the Regional development Australia regional forums. Based ion the community consultations, things that were advocated for:
  • Community Centre in Hughenden
  • Dedicated indigenous position in the Flinders Shire Council
4. Feb 2011:
FSC presented a case study of the Children's Park at the Australian Healthy Community Workshop in Townsville
5. Feb 2011:
FSC along with assistance from the Flinders Shire Healthy Community steering committee wrote and submitted an application for the COAG Healthy Communities funding
6. Feb-April 2011:
Identified, developed, finalised a Flinders Shire Healthy Community Action Plan for 2011-12. This was approved and endorsed by the Flinders Shire Healthy Community steering committee
7. April 2011:
Service agreements signed for the exercise station at the Gray Park and for fitness trainers for community members in Hughenden. Funds disbursal in May 2011