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In accordance with the Local Government Regulations 2012 – Section 275 – Chapter 8 Administration – Local Government Meetings and Committees, Council has to advertise the date and times of the Council Meeting to be held during the 2014 financial year.  Meetings are held in the McNamara Room of the Council Chambers, 34 Gray Street, Hughenden, Queensland 4821.  Meetings are open to the public.


Thursday 18th September 2014     Commencing at 10:00am

Thursday 16th October 2014          Commencing at 10:00am

Thursday 20th November 2014      Commencing at 10:00am

Thursday 18th December 2014      Commencing at 10:00am




Notice of Ordinary Council Meeting – August 2014


Council advises that the date for the Ordinary August Council Meeting is Thursday 21st August commencing at 10:00am. The meeting will be held in the McNamara Room and is open to the Public.



Residents are advised that in line with Council's Bulk Rubbish Collection Policy - whereby Council collects bulk rubbish three times each year - Council will be collecting bulk rubbish in the town of




Bulk rubbish is regarded as rubbish that will not fit into your wheelie bin and includes bulk tree waste. Residents are urged to pile the bulk rubbish neatly on the footpath in front of your premises in the few days leading up to the pick-up day. Car bodies and other bulky metal items will also be removed if left on the roadway in an easily accessible position.

Collection at this time is at no cost to the resident.  However, please note that bulk refuse left outside your premises before or after the "collection week" will be removed but at your expense.

Please notify the Council Office at 34 Gray Street or telephone 47412900 if you require rubbish to be picked up.



Hann Highway Development

Sealing of the remaining 110km of the Hann Highway (Kennedy Development Road) between Hughenden and The Lynd will provide for an all-weather second access to the TNQ region in the event that the Bruce Highway is disrupted.

Sealing of the highway opens a more direct and cost efficient route to southern markets, and facilitates increased regional tourism.

The attached letter template is a suggested letter you could write to your local and federal member in support of the sealilng of the Hann Highway. This initiative came out of a Hann Highway Action Group meeting at Oak Park on 3 July 2014. Please feel free to amend this as you see fit. 

Advance Cairns acknowledges the work of the Hann Highway Action Group, the Etheridge and Flinders Shires, Local, State and Federal members in the region in support of this work, and the many others in the community who see the strategic and economic benefit of sealing the Hann Hgihway for the region.



Letter Template - PDF Version

Letter Template - Word Version


ABC Media Release on the Hann Highway