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The Flinders Shire Planning Scheme commenced in 2005. Under the Sustainable Planning Act 2009 a local authority must review its planning scheme every 10 years.

This Scoping Study has been prepared to inform the preparation of a new Planning Scheme for Flinders Shire. This new Planning Scheme is an important document for Council, and the Council is very keen to utilise it as a proactive visionary document to encourage development and re-energise the Shire.

In recent years, Flinders Shire has faced a number of setbacks, including the drought, collapse of the sheep industry and the recent closure of the rail maintenance facility. The population has dropped by 189 (9.37%) between 2003 and 2013 (Australian Bureau of Statistics 2014).

In response, Council is alternatively pursuing opportunities to bring business and development into the Shire, including locating the potential North Queensland meat works in Hughenden, development of irrigation based intensive agriculture, and community development designed to maintain and enhance the liveability of the Shire.

This report provides an overview of the Shire, a summary of consultation undertaken during the Scoping Study, examines relevant literature and the current Planning Scheme, and outlines a draft vision for Flinders Shire.

From stakeholder consultation it is very clear that Flinders Shire has a proud and proactive community, keen to develop and promote the Shire. Participants were well aware of the challenges facing their community and are supportive of measures to bring more people, business and employment to the Shire.

With respect to the current Planning Scheme, it has served as a sound land use planning document to date. However, the current Scheme requires a major overhaul to bring it into compliance with the latest planning legislation and to ensure it assists Council to realise the vision for Flinders Shire.

A draft vision for the Shire has been developed: ‘A proactive and innovative regional community that will lead the next stage of development in North West Queensland, while preserving the friendly nature and strong community spirit Flinders Shire is known for'.

Council will shortly be undertaking the preparation of a new Planning Scheme for the Shire which will involve wide public consultation.

Flinders Shire Council Planning Scheme Scoping Study Report - September 2014




102.2014.18 - Sale of Used Plant – Unit No 107 – Toyota Prado Wagon.

Tender Documents are available from Linda Brown at the Council Office – telephone (07) 4741 2900 or email engineeringadmin@flinders.qld.gov.au or on Council's Website www.flinders.qld.gov.au and further information can be obtained from Stephen Turner (Director of Engineering) – telephone (07) 4741 2900 or mobile 0428 411 288.

The highest/lowest or any tender not necessarily accepted.

Tenders should be lodged by post in a sealed envelope, marked with the relevant tender number or put in the Tender Box at the Council Office, 34 Gray Street, Hughenden by 2.00pm on Wednesday, 29 October 2014.




Follow up  Baiting Program : Ground 1080 Baiting Program

27th October to 30th October

The continuing dry season and economic hardship that most people on the land are experiencing at the moment makes it even more important that livestock are protected from wild dog attack.

To achieve a high rate of participation from landholders, Flinders Shire Council will supply meat free of charge to all landholders who would participate in either main and follow up baiting programs, who are unable to supply their own meat. The meat is to be cut into 250g pieces and Council's Rural Lands Officer will spray and roll the meat with 1080 at the designated baiting venues.

Flinders Shire Council encourages landholders to participate in both the main and follow up baiting programs as numbers of reported sightings of wild dogs in the Shire are reaching levels never seen before.  The aim is to provide a successful program by baiting as many wild dogs within the specific time period.


Expressions of Interest

Supply of Meat Baits

Expressions of interest are called for the supply of meat baits for Flinders Shire Council for Wild Dog Baiting.  The follow up ground 1080 baiting will commence on 27th October to 30th October.

Council will pay $3.00 (GST excl) per kg to purchase meat baits from anyone interested in supplying meat. The meat has to be delivered as 250g portions of fresh meat.


Meat Baits for Participation in the Baiting Programs

Expressions of interest are called from the landholders who are interested in using supplied meat for the main and follow up Wild Dog baiting programs.  To achieve a high rate of participation from landholders, Flinders Shire Council will supply meat free of charge to all landholders who are unable to supply their own meat and wish to participate in either of the baiting programs.


Wild Dog Trapping School

Expressions of interests are called to attend a Wild Dog Trapping School conducted by Tony Townsend. The proposed dates for the 10 day program are 17th – 30th Oct 2014. (20th Oct - presentation on wild dog ecology, behaviour,  control techniques and best practice methods). The trapping school would allocate 2 students per day for hands on trapping education in the field.

Those who nominate for this free training program must attend as this was a requirement to receive funding from the Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry and the numbers are limited.


Ground follow up 1080 Baiting Program :  27th Octomber – 30  October  2014




Hughenden Airstrip

Monday - 27th Oct @ 6am


Hughenden Tick line, Muttaburra Rd

Monday - 27th Oct @ 10am


Hughenden Town Common Water

Monday - 27th Oct  @ 12pm


Prairie Airstrip

Tuesday – 28th Oct @ 6am


Torrens Creek Airstrip

Tuesday  - 28th Oct @ 10am


Moorrinya NP Airstrip

Tuesday – 28th Oct @ 1pm


Boonderoo Airstrip

Wednesday 29th Oct @ 6am


Gregory Springs Airstrip

Wednesday – 29th Oct @ 12pm


Barenya Airstrip

Thursday- 30th Oct @ 6am


Stamford Reserve Dam

Thursday – 30th Oct @ 10am



Meat suppliers and participants are required to contact council's RLO officer Billy Paine by email billp@flinders.qld.gov.au or phone 4741 2900. 


Hann Highway Development

Sealing of the remaining 110km of the Hann Highway (Kennedy Development Road) between Hughenden and The Lynd will provide for an all-weather second access to the TNQ region in the event that the Bruce Highway is disrupted.

Sealing of the highway opens a more direct and cost efficient route to southern markets, and facilitates increased regional tourism.

The attached letter template is a suggested letter you could write to your local and federal member in support of the sealilng of the Hann Highway. This initiative came out of a Hann Highway Action Group meeting at Oak Park on 3 July 2014. Please feel free to amend this as you see fit. 

Advance Cairns acknowledges the work of the Hann Highway Action Group, the Etheridge and Flinders Shires, Local, State and Federal members in the region in support of this work, and the many others in the community who see the strategic and economic benefit of sealing the Hann Hgihway for the region.



Letter Template - PDF Version

Letter Template - Word Version


ABC Media Release on the Hann Highway