Hughenden Saleyards Hughenden Saleyards

The Hughenden Saleyards are located south west of town on McLaren Street. The yard has access to both road and rail transport and is a cattle tick clearing facility. Department of Employment, Economic Development and Innovation (DEEDI) own the clearing dip and the third party provider organises the clearing of all stock.

Bookings are essential at all clearing facilities with a minimum of 48 hours notice required. Clearing facilities are not permanently staffed and a failure to pre-book may result in the facility being unattended or delays in processing. Bookings are restricted to daylight hours. Operating hours at clearing facilities may be extended for scheduled events.

To help provide for the efficient running of the Saleyards Complex and ensure the availability of yard space for cattle, Flinders Shire Council asks graziers, agents and other users of the Saleyards Complex, to give forty-eight (48) hours notice to the Saleyards' Manager. This includes booking cattle in for dipping, weighing, NLIS reading or general yard use. Exceptions will be made for emergencies, where users have made arrangements with the Saleyards' Manager.

Please contact the Saleyards' Manager at any of the following:

Robert Blacklock
66 Stansfield Street
PO Box 54
Mobile:    0428 411 788
Saleyards Ph/Fax:  (07) 4741 1842
A/H Phone:  (07) 4741 0226

The Saleyards includes an NLIS race, weighing scales and dip facilities. Please refer to Council's Fees and Charges for Saleyards fees.

Due to unauthorised hay being utilised for stockfeed at the Hughenden Saleyards in the past, Council has authorised the Saleyards Manager to destroy any stockfeed that is not accompanied by a "Stock Feed Acceptability Statement". Council seeks your cooperation in providing the appropriate statement to the Saleyards Manager when you provide your own stock feed. Feed can be supplied by the Saleyards Manager at a cost.

The PIC Number for the Hughenden Saleyards is: QKFD0233



Council Yard & Weigh Fees

Please refer to Council's Fees and Charges. Click here
 Dipping Fees
-       Dipping fees are charged by DEEDI. They can be contacted on 13 25 23.
NLIS Reading Fees
-       NLIS Reading fees are charged by the Saleyards' Manager. 
Robert Blacklock can be contacted on:            
Mobile:                           0428 411 788
Saleyards Ph/Fax:          (07) 4741 1842
A/H Phone:                    (07) 4741 0226