Publication Scheme Publication Scheme

Publication Scheme


Council publication scheme contains the following information:



Who we are and what we do?

  • Our Annual Report is a good starting point for finding a range of information about how Council operates.
  • Mayor and Councillors: The Flinders Shire elects six councillors and the Mayor. To view profiles click here.
  • Council's Corporate Structure
  • Laws and Regulations: The Flinders Shire Council is responsible for ensuring relevant State and Local Laws are observed.
  • Contact Council:You can contact Council via phone, mail or email, or in person.



Council services (the services we offer)

A general list of services provided by Council.


Our Finances

What we spend and how we spend it, including our financial statements and our financial management practices.

  • The Budget documentation provides information about the budget for the current financial year.
  • Fees and Charges:Council's Schedule of Fees and Charges is adopted each year as part of its annual budget.
  • Council's Corporate Reporting: The Local Government Act 2009 requires Council to report on its progress towards implementing corporate and operational plans. Our progress towards implementation of the Corporate Plan and Operational Plan is reported each year through the Annual Report.


Our Priorities

Information about what our priorities are and how we are doing are contained in the following documents:

  • Flinders Shire Council Corporate Plan: The Corporate Plan enables the whole organisation to work together in the same direction to address the key priorities for the community and achieve Council's vision. The Corporate Plan is a way for Council to communicate its direction with its stakeholders, particularly the community, and provides a framework for reporting back on progress achieved through the various activities of the organisation.
  • Flinders Shire Council Community Plan: Flinders Shire Community Plan - ‘Our Future' is a high level plan that identifies community needs and articulates the Council and community's long-term vision, aspirations and priorities. The Community Plan is for the whole community, not just for Local Government.



Our Decisions

How we make decisions, including reviews, decision making processes, guidelines and standards:


Our Policies

Our Corporate Policies and guidelines relating to our functions and responsibilities.


Our Lists (lists and registers)

Lists and registers held by Council include the following:


Other documents available from Council:


You can request further information about our public registers by contacting Council.