Byways Byways


·         Basalt Byways
·         Flinders River Byway
·         4WD Eromanga Sea Byway
The Basalt Byways 4WD track winds between the landscapes North of Hughenden, running for approx 95km. The track takes you on a journey through some amazing country featuring rolling basalt walls and deep valleys. Basalt rock is typically the first lava to issue from a volcano, bringing us back to our Dinosaur days. 
Lookout on Basalt Byway
The track takes you through many grazing properties; these properties used to be mainly sheep stations but as time have gone by they have changed over to cattle grazing. History tells stories of pioneering families who lost everything in the great floods that swept through these valley areas many years ago.
The area that you travel through has a large diversity of soils and nature, boasting some excellent lookouts. There is an abundance of flora and fauna to look at, spotting the odd Kangaroo, Dingo and Emu are always a feature and the bird life is abundant.   The wildflowers and flowering Gums are spectacular, amongst them a flower called the Flinders Poppy that Hughenden is well known for. On both tracks you will cross the Flinders River, boasting wonderful waterholes to swim in throughout the wetter months of the year. 
The Flinders River Byway connects the Flinders Highway and the Kennedy Developmental Road, North of Hughenden. This impressive 4WD track crosses the sandy base of the Flinders River, travelling through rugged country with views of basalt walls running along the horizon.  
This scenic drive takes you through a diversity of landscapes from blacksoil downs, through rolling Mitchell Grass plains and up to the desert uplands. About one hundred and ten million years ago a shallow sea covered what is now arid inland Australia. Australia's most beautiful and complete fossils of this period are of the spectacular marine creatures that lived in this cold sea.  The total lenght of the byway is 202km.