Corporate Publications

Flinders Shire Council produces a variety of important and informative publications:

Fees and Charges

Council's Fees and Charges are provided for both Commercial and Regulatory charges.
Fees and Charges

Corporate Plan

The Flinders Shire Council's Corporate Plan describes strategic issues facing Council, it links programs, objectives and related strategies into a rolling Five-Year Plan that is used as a base for the Operational Plan and Budget each year. The Corporate Plan is a living document, revised annually by Councillors, management, staff and the community.
2023-2028 Corporate Plan

Operational Plan

Under Section 174 of the Local Government Regulation 2012, Councils are required to prepare and adopt an annual operational plan for each financial year. The annual operational plan must be consistent with the local government's annual budget and the discharge of its responsibilities and must state how the local government will progress the implementation of its corporate plan and manage operational risks during the operational plan period.

Operational Plan for 2023/2024:

Performance Report on Operational Plan 2023/2024:

Operational Plan for 2022/2023:

Performance Report on Operational Plan 2022/2023:

Operational Plan for 2021/2022:

Performance Report on Operational Plan 2021/2022:

Operational Plan for 2020/2021:

Performance Report on Operational Plan 2020/2021:

Operational Plan for 2019/2020:

Performance Report on Operational Plan 2019/2020:

Operational Plan for 2018/2019:

Performance Report on Operational Plan 2018/2019:

Operational Plan for 2017/2018:

Performance Report on Operational Plan 2017/2018:

Operational Plan for 2016/2017: Performance Report on Operational Plan 2016/2017:
Operational Plan for 2015/2016: Performance Report on Operational Plan 2015/2016:

Community Plan

Flinders Shire Community Plan - ‘Our Future' is a high-level plan that identifies community needs and articulates the Council and community's long-term vision, aspirations and priorities. The Community Plan is for the whole community, not just for Local Government.
2011 - 2021 Community Plan

Procurement Policy

The purpose of this Policy is to set out the principles used by the Shire for purchasing throughout the organisation and provide information on the roles and responsibilities of key officers and areas involved in the purchasing function within the Council to ensure compliance with the five principles as disclosed in Section 106 of the Local Government Act 2009. 
Procurement Policy

Annual Report

The Annual Report reflects on the achievements of the Flinders Shire Council and shares with the community the challenges, opportunities and plans for the future. Flinders Shire Council is proud to reflect on these achievements and looks forward to continuing to build together a successful Flinders Community.

2008/2009 Annual Report  2009/2010 Annual Report
2010/2011 Annual Report  2011/2012 Annual Report
2012/2013 Annual Report 2013/2014 Annual Report
2014/2015 Annual Report 2015/2016 Annual Report
2016/2017 Annual Report 

2017/2018 Annual Report 

Attachments: Annual Audited Financial Statements

2018/2019 Annual Report

Attachments: Annual Audited Financial Statements

2019/2020 Annual Report

Attachments: Annual Audited Financial Statements


Attachments: Annual Audited Financial Statements

2021/2022 Annual Report including Financial Statements


Council has released an Annual Budget for every financial year.
The following documents are available for your perusal:

2012/2013 Budget  
2013/2014 Budget 2013/2014 Budget - Revised
2014/2015 Budget 2014/2015 Budget - Revised
2015/2016 Budget 2015/2016 Budget - Revised
2016/2017 Budget 2016/2017 Budget - Revised
2017/2018 Budget  
2018/2019 Budget  
2019/2020 Budget  
2020/2021 Budget 2020/2021 Budget - Revised
2021/2022 Budget 2020/2021 Budget - Revised
2022/2023 Budget 2022/2023 Budget - Revised
2023/2024 Budget