Flinders Connect - TRAIC Grant

Applications are closed, due to COVID-19 Event Restrictions grant has currently been put on hold.

What is Tackling Regional Adversity through Integrated Care (TRAIC)?

The TRAIC grant program is to enable Queensland communities affected by adversity associated with drought, disaster and other crises to build community resilience to withstand and recover from adversity.

This project is aimed at community connectedness and resilience, through supporting major local events and volunteers to strengthen their events, volunteerism and sustainability for the future. Mental health wellbeing messages will be promoted through guest speakers or artists who support mental health recovery.

Community Groups are invited to apply for funding between $5,000 and $10,000.

The Flinders Connect project aims to:

  • Reconnect the community and make events achievable and accessible to everyone who has been impacted by the floods and drought.  Speaker's messages will focus on building resilience and connectedness
  • Provide information on mental health through a range of speakers.
  • Information will be made available about how to seek help, including phone line information about different organisations.  The speakers will be briefed about relaying the importance of looking after each other when you are stressed. 
  • The Flinders Connect project will be delivered across the Flinders Shire including Hughenden, Prairie, Stamford and Torrens Creek.

Information about financial support through the Flinders Connect TRAIC Grant Program:

  • Applications will only be accepted within the set rounds. 
  • Out of round applications will be not accepted. 
  • An extra round may be called if budgeted funds were not expended. 
  • Only one application will be accepted from each organisation on their own behalf per funding round. 
  • The level of assistance available is limited by the Council’s budget decision and its priorities. 
  • No applicant can be guaranteed funding nor can any applicant be guaranteed to receive the full amount requested.
  • The decision of Council on funding applications is final.
  • Financial Support from the policy may require compliance with specific conditions before payment. Should these conditions not be met by the specified date, Council reserves the right to revoke the offer of support.
  • All funds must be expended by 31 October 2020. No further funds will be considered until previous outstanding funds are acquitted.
  • Flinders Shire Council requires relevant acknowledgement to Queensland Health TRAIC Grant of financial support for your event.  Please contact the council for relevant logos.
  • All successful recipients will be recorded in a grants register which Council will have the right to publish as they see fit.
  • Council will not approve in-kind support or the waiver of hiring of Council facilities and associated plant/equipment. 
  • If approved, organisations will be required to sign a formal agreement and submit an invoice to Flinders Shire Council for the approved amount within 60 days of the date of the offer.  If not received the grant will be cancelled and may be reallocated.

Groups Organisations must:

  • Be a Community Organisation – An incorporated non-profit organisation/club or charity consisting of people having common interests. Includes sport and recreation clubs, social clubs, school P&F / P&C associations, arts and cultural groups, hospital foundations, religious orders and service organisations.
  • This grant is for guest speakers only and related costs including speaker fees, travel, accommodation and meals.
  • Provide a copy of recent Audited Financial Statements and Annual General Meeting (AGM) Minutes.
  • Have a valid public liability certificate of currency with a minimum $20 million coverage.
  • Be based in the Flinders Shire.

Ineligible Applicants: 

  • Organisations are ineligible if previous Council allocated funds are not satisfactorily acquitted.
  • Organisations / Clubs that have an outstanding payment owed to Council.
  • Individuals, unincorporated groups, political, businesses and for-profit groups.
  • If the applicant is not based within the Flinders Shire.
  • If the event is not based within the Flinders Shire

Applications must demonstrate:

The funding request directly supports a demonstrated need within the community or the project provides a direct or indirect benefit for residents in the community.

The applicant organisation is making a contribution to the project

All eligibility criteria have been met

Funding may be used for:

  • Guest speakers only and related costs including speaker fees, travel, accommodation and meals

Applications for grant funding that include any of the following will not be considered:

  • Any event costs other than guest speaker costs.
  • Projects/events which are undertaken with the sole purpose of making a profit or raising funds for third party charities will not be funded.
  • General operating costs (eg electricity, rates, phone, rent, and maintenance)
  • Private/commercial ventures.
  • Support for an individual pursuit.
  • Commercial activities.
  • Ongoing salaries/wages for staff.
  • Projects that do not involve the Flinders Shire community.
  • Projects for communities in Queensland that are not targeting drought or disaster (or community crisis) affected communities.
  • Projects that do not focus on community resilience-building strategies, projects and activities
  • Recurring maintenance or operational costs of existing programs or facilities
  • Interstate or overseas travel
  • Applications to subsidise the cost of owning or operating a property in a drought or disaster-affected community. For example, subsidies for electricity, transporting water or livestock.
  • Projects requiring or likely to require recurrent funding.
  • Activities to collect funds for redistribution.
  • Projects that duplicate an existing or similar project or service within the community
  • Retrospective projects
  • Projects which are considered high risk or contravene relevant legislation, codes of conduct, (e.g. National Code of Conduct for Health Care Workers (Queensland)) Queensland Health’s vision, strategic plans, policies or policy intent.

In determining the level of assistance required, Council shall:

  • Assess application against the Selection Criteria
  • Establish the level of funding available in terms of coming budget requirements;
  • Apportion such funding across each application eligible for funding.

Successful applicants:

You will receive an Approval Letter and a purchase order for the sponsorship amount within 4 weeks of approval. Your Community Organisation will be required to submit an invoice for payment.

All funds must be expended and acquittal reports completed as per your agreement. Further funds will not be given until acquittal reports are received and approved.

Unsuccessful applicants:

Failure to receive funding is not necessarily due to a poor application but may be the result of the demand for funds.  Council reserves the right to offer a smaller amount if the total budget is oversubscribed.

For feedback on your application, please refer to the contact phone number given in your notification letter. You may wish to consider submitting your application to another round of sponsorship.

Related Documentation:

Flinders Shire Council Flinders Connect – Tackling Regional Adversity through Integrated Care (TRAIC) -  Online Application Form

For further information or clarification please contact:

Sherilee Honnery
Community Services Manager
Ph: 074741 2900
Email: csm@flinders.qld.gov.au