From the Mayor’s Desk – June 29th 2020

As we near the end of June the Winter Chill has once again made its presence felt across the Flinders Shire. This week I would like to share some beautiful photograph of our Hughenden Recreational Lake in all of its Sunrise glory. 
Once again I would like to thank the residents of the Hughenden for their understanding and consideration while the Gray Street construction is being undertaken. Please adhere to all traffic control directives as this will help to ensure the safety of all road users and pedestrians. 
Over the next couple of messages we will endeavor to keep the Community informed with progressive updates on the construction of Gray Street. Once the construction began, as previously stated, we have identified many past road construction techniques and methods. It was soon evident we would need to go back to the original road base as the many previous layers of white shale, sand, gravel and bitumen were discovered. These layers also contained other remnant water infrastructure & pipelines which have been long decommissioned and therefore were contributing to the defects were obvious by the need for constant repair and rehabilitation.
By giving regular reports on the construction processes which are being undertaken in the current works, we hope to better inform the Community about the weekly progress of the Gray Street construction Council hopes that the Community will understand that with the discovery of each new challenge will require a review of construction planning and methods, which may necessitate work being delayed to formulate a new plan of action. 
As always if Community members have any thoughts, recommendations and issues that you wish to discuss please contact me on 0429 417 115 or alternatively via email at 
Jane McNamara
Flinders Shire Mayor
Mayor mcnamara