July 2020 - Monthly Community Message

Firstly I would like to thank the residents of the Flinders Shire for electing me as a voice for our Community and encourage you all to contact myself or any other elected member to raise any concerns that you may have, as we are unable to act on the matter if we are unaware of them.
Kennedy Development Road Upgrade (Hann Highway): 
Sealing work is scheduled to commence mid to late August 2020 until approximate finish date of December 2021.
Workers camp will be situated on site and equipped with a Telstra tower providing a reliable communication source for the workforce. The Telstra tower will remain after completion of the road to provide a phone signal for public use within a 10km radius.
On completion of this project there will only be approximately 5-6 km of unsealed road left in the Flinders Shire and we anticipate by the end of 2022 we will obtain further funding to complete the remaining section.
Torrens Creek to Aramac Road:
Council recently received funding for the sealing of the remaining unsealed section of approx. 26km of this road and also includes the construction of a bridge and road realignment at Prairie Creek. Work is scheduled to commence by March 2021. Council workforce will be camping in the Torrens Creek Township in a council provided camp for the duration of this project.
Gray Street Upgrade:
Works are progressing well and Council appreciates everyone’s cooperation with the ongoing works. This upgrade has had its fair share of hiccups due to the complexity of the work required, however we will all be the better for it at the end. This project is scheduled for completion by early to mid September 2020.
Water Storage Tank:
A second water storage tank is being erected in the corner of the FSC works depot which is scheduled for completion by the end of the year, once complete will more than double the town water capacity. Once the new tank is completed the current white water storage tank will be given a thorough cleaning and overhaul which will enhance the town’s water quality.
Wild Dog Trapper:
Council recently received funding for a 2nd Wild Dog Trapper for the Shire. As I write, the selection process is underway for this position which will provide properties easier access to a dog trapper, making a more efficient wild dog control operation.
15 Mile (Grape Farm):
Investor, Marciano Table Grapes has commenced survey works utilising local contractors. After the completion of the survey, the land will be cleared to prepare for infrastructure commencement.
It is wonderful to see travellers and campers around town, as it is these travellers that bring money into our town which is very much appreciated after the uncertainty of what the after math of COVID-19 restrictions would bring. Please remember to look after yourself and your family and follow QLD Health guidelines in relation to reducing and stopping the spread of COVID-19.
Clarrie Haydon