Hughenden Centre for the Aged

The Hughenden Centre for the Aged, is an independent living accommodation facility, consisting of 12 individual semi self contained units, a separate two bedroom caretaker cottage, communal dining room, a recreational hall with state of the art audio visual technology, an industrial kitchen and beautifully landscaped gardens.

All units are equipped with a microwave oven, bar fridge, washing machine and television already installed and four of the twelve units come with a wall oven.

The units are designed to cater for residents requiring the next level of care, where they are no longer fully able to look after a large home or garden. They provide a friendly, peaceful and secure environment where freedom and privacy can be enjoyed.

Residents are able to continue their independent lifestyle maintaining social, professional and personal interests with the benefit of full access to all social and recreational activities and facilities with in the centre.

The Hughenden Centre for the Aged has a partnership with the Flinders Shire Public library and has its own library on site run by volunteers, for the use of the residents as well as the community in general.

Admittance Criteria

Admittance to the Pensioner Cottages is based on the Priority Criteria.

  • Priority One - applicants eligible for the Age Pension;
  • Priority Two - applicants that are seniors (55 years and over) with a disability; and
  • Priority Three - applicants that are seniors (55 years and over).
  • If there are two or more applicants who meet the same Priority Criteria, then selection will be based on need.

Rental Charges

A formal tenancy agreement will be entered into with the resident. Residents are encouraged to apply for rent assistance to further offset costs. A bond is payable of four weeks rent, before moving into the unit. Weekly rental per unit is currently set at $150 and will be reviewed annually by Councillors. Council staff have no discretion to negotiate fees unless authorised by the CEO.

How to Apply

Applicants must register an Expression of Interest by completing the approved Application Form at the Flinders Shire Council. The Council will maintain a waiting list of applicants. When there is a vacancy, all applicants will be assessed against the Admittance Criteria.

Interesting Facts

The Hughenden Centre for the Aged recognizes over 12 years of hard work by the fundraising committee. Generous community bequests and gifts from individual community members and groups added to the financial commitment by the Flinders Shire Council. The monies raised equalled almost 20% of the total facility costs, which represents the generous spirit and commitment of the community.

The name Hughenden Centre for the Aged reflects the buildings location, multi-purpose use and the target population the “Centre” will cater for.

Major benefactors have been recognized with the naming of the “Harry Chivers Recreational Hall” and the “Gordon Hughan Dining Hall”. The three accommodation blocks have been named after local tree species of Gidgee, Boree and Coolibah and will allow for future accommodation blocks to follow this theme.