Telehealth Hub

Available at Hughenden Centre for the Aged!

What is Telehealth?

Telehealth is a way of making health services more accessible for patients. Telehealth uses communications technology to provide an audio and video link between a patient and a health professional that is not located near them.

A Telehealth Hub is a central location available for community members, health providers and other service providers to access Telehealth technology, to receive services that are not available locally.

These hubs provide people living and working in rural communities with direct access to specialists and other health providers without the need to simultaneously engage their GP. This frees up valuable GP time and Telehealth infrastructure in general practice, and provides consumers with tools and resources to directly access specialist care, allied health professionals or any other service providers, reducing the need for travel and time away from their local community. This free local service may be especially beneficial to low income consumers and their families, older people or those who may not have internet access, Indigenous rural people, and those with complex care needs.

  • a significant cost saving for consumers
  • an overall reduction in the cost of service delivery
  • improved, more timely and clinically appropriate access to service
  • improved capacity for patient self-management and improved adherence to treatment
  • better health outcomes

Located at the Hughenden Centre for the Aged at 20 Betts Street Hughenden QLD 4821.

Ask your doctor or specialist if you can have your appointment via telehealth to save money on travel and accommodation.

Please call Community Care for more information or to book a time on 4741 2960.