Business Assistance Grant


The Flinders Shire Business Assistance Program allows for businesses with a retail shop front in the Flinders Shire district to apply for up to $5,000 to provide financial assistance for exterior physical works on shopfronts to encourage an improved streetscape and increased patronage.

Brodie Street business houses between Gray and Flinders Street are not eligible due to the Brodie Street rehabilitation project which will cover these shop fronts.

The fund will provide up to $5,000 matching dollar for dollar grants for shopfront improvements. The applicant must contribute an equivalent or greater amount towards the project.

Information about financial support through the Flinders Shire Business Assistance Program

Applications will only be accepted within the set rounds. No out of round applications will be accepted. An extra round may be called if budgeted funds were not expended. Only one application will be accepted from each business on their own behalf per funding round. The level of assistance available is limited by Council’s budget decision and its priorities. No applicant can be guaranteed funding nor can any applicant be guaranteed to receive the full amount requested.

The decision of Council on funding applications is final.

Financial Support from the policy may require compliance with specific conditions before payment. Should these conditions not be met by the specified date, Council reserves the right to revoke the offer of support.

Flinders Shire Council requires relevant acknowledgement of financial support for your project.

All successful recipients will be recorded in a grants register which Council will have the right to publish as they see fit.

Council will not approve in-kind support or the waiver of hiring of Council plant or equipment. These costs are to be included in the amount that businesses are seeking the funds for.

If approved, businesses will be required to sign a formal agreement and submit an invoice Council for the approved amount once works have been completed.

Who can apply?

To be eligible for funding an applicant must:

  • Be a property or business physically located in Hughenden, Prairie, Torrens Creek or Stamford
  • Be a property owner or a tenant holding owner’s consent
  • Have an appropriate business registration
  • Business must be a small business – employing under 20 employees
  • Businesses are encouraged to shop locally when undertaking beautification works.
  • We would welcome proposals where a number of nearby businesses would like to collaborate to enhance the street appeal.

Who can not apply?

  • Business houses in Brodie Street between Gray and Flinders Street as they will be covered under the Brodie Street Revitalisation Project
  • Businesses who do not have a shop retail area

Applications must demonstrate:

  • The applicant is making a contribution to the project
  • All eligibility criteria have been met

Examples of improvement which the fund would apply include, but are not limited to:

  • Painting
  • Removal of redundant signage, air conditioning units and hoardings
  • Improvements of advertising, signage and banners (shopfront only)
  • A public art project
  • Window front presentations
  • Improving accessibility for all users
  • Greening elements, planter pots etc
  • Repairs to structural facade elements and awnings
  • Creative Facade treatments eg vertical gardens or new timber panelling
  • New repairs and replacements of verandas
  • Other external facade works that might be proposed by a landlord/business owner that reflects the intent and purpose of the fund.

The Business Assistance Grants are not available for:

  • Improvements that have already been completed
  • Rental fees
  • Routine maintenance or cleaning
  • Purchase of buildings or extensions
  • Business relocation
  • Development applications or other statutory fees
  • Power and water costs
  • Overheads and service charges involved in running your business
  • Food and beverage items

What is the Application Process?

Step 1

Use this guide to determine if the proposed revitalisation project is eligible and if your business is in the designated locations. Please call Council if you are unsure.

Step 2

Obtain written quotes from licensed contractors for the proposed works.

Step 3

Complete and submit the Business Assistance Program Grant application through the Smarty Grants portal (link below) with the required attachments (quotes for work, written consent of property owner and photos of existing shopfront)

Step 4

Your application will be assessed by Council’s Assessment Panel.

Recommendations will be presented to Council for approval.

Step 5

Grant allocations will be made. Successful Applications will be advised in writing

Step 6

Upon completion of the works, you must complete the acquittal form provided and notify Council to arrange a site inspection

Step 7

25% of grant amount will be paid on approval, remainder 25% will be paid once works are completed and a site inspection has been approved, payment of grant funding will be made to your nominated bank account via invoicing.


  • Applications that do not provide the required documentation will not be assessed.
  • Once works are completed and approved, payment of grant monies will be deposited to your nominated bank account, upon receipt of your invoice.
  • You will be required to keep records of the grant expenditure and will have to submit this as evidence to Flinders Shire Council as part of the grant acquittal process.

Application Form

Applications are open from 9 March to 10 April 2020

Online Application Form