Overgrown Allotments

Council has a responsibility under our Local Laws and the Public Health Act 2005 to ensure residential premises are maintained free of overgrown vegetation and unsightly conditions and accumulations which may provide shelter for or attract vermin, reptiles and mosquitoes.

If the height and volume of vegetation on a property is excessive, it is aesthetically displeasing, can harbour vermin and reptiles and encourage mosquito breeding, which is a breach of Section 17 (1) of Local Law No. 13 (Control of Nuisances).

Take notice that as the owner of a premises, you are required to see that the following action is carried out within 14 days from the date of an overgrown allotment notice:

Cut and remove all overgrown vegetation at the above described premises likely to provide shelter or attraction for vermin or mosquitoes.

If you desire, the Council may organise this work on your behalf at your expense.

Take further notice that a reassessment will be carried out on expiration of the above mentioned timeframe and where work has not been satisfactorily completed, Council under Section 142 of the Local Government Act 2009, may enter the premises and carry out all works necessary to achieve compliance. All costs incurred by Council are recoverable from you as a debt and will be made a charge on the land.