Council Registers

Item Legislative Reference
Local law register

s31 LGA09

s14 LGR12

Roads map and register

s74 LGA09

s57 LGR12

Register of cost-recovery fees s98 LGA09
Asset register

s104 LGA09

s180 LGR12

Councillor Conduct Register

s150DX LGA09

s150DY LGA09

s150DZ LGA09

Delegations register

s260 LGA09

s305 LGR12

Registers of interests

s289 - 297 LGR12

Schedule 4 LGR12

Record of declaration of material personal interest

s172(9) LGA09

Record of declaration of conflict of interest

s173(8) LGA09

Record of written complaints about councillor conduct s181A LGA09