Hughenden Landfill

The Hughenden Landfill is located at the end of McLaren Street.

It is open seven days a week and is free*.

* Conditions apply. See Fees & Charges for more information.


Day Morning Opening Hours Afternoon Opening Hours
Weekdays 8.00am to 12.00noon 2.00pm to 5.00pm
Saturday 9.00am to 12.00noon 2.00pm to 5.00pm
Sunday 9.00am to 12.00noon
Public Holidays 9.00am to 12.00noon
Good Friday Closed
Christmas Day Closed
New Years Day Closed

There is security present during these hours and the gates are locked after hours.

Council organises two bulk rubbish collection days per year, which are advertised a few weeks in advance. Residents need to come into the Shire Office to nominate their address for collection.

Scavenging at this site is illegal at all times and penalties apply for those involved.

Litter Dumping Laws

Littering and Illegal Dumping Offences and Penalties Under the Waste Reduction and Recycling Acts 2011

Rubbish Collection Days for Hughenden

Rubbish Collection in the township of Hughenden changed from Monday, 6 December 2010.

Please take note of the day that your wheelie bin will be picked up and have your wheelie bin out before 6.00 am that morning.

The rubbish collection for Business houses will be Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

The rubbish collection for the Hospital, Schools, and Parks will be Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

Monday Residential Pick up

Abbott Street, Allen Terry Caravan Park/Swimming Pool, Beaconsfield Street, Byers Street, Council Depot, Disraeli Street, Earl Street, Flinders Highway, Flinders Street (south of railway line), Flynn Street, Gray Street (south of the railway line), McLaren Street, McLay Street, Page Street, Playfoot Street, Queen Street, Railway Estate, Railway Station, Swanson Street, Victoria Street and Winton Road.

Wednesday Residential Pick up

Doctor's Residence, Afton Street, Alyss Street, Betts Street, Churchill Street, Geary Street, Gray Street (north of the railway line), Hunter Street, Marathon Street, Moran Street, Mowbray Street, Peel Street, Resolution Street, Richmond Hill Drive and Stansfield Street

Friday Residential Pick up

Bond Lane, Brodie Street, Comyn Street, Dalrymple Road, Flinders Street (north of railway line), Goldring Street, Uhr Street, Voss Street, Hammond Court, Hammond Street, Hann Highway, Hardwicke Street, Little Avenue and Corney Street.

Please note that rubbish will not be collected on Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday or Sunday.

Wheelie Bin Garbage Collection Conditions

  • Place the bin on the footpath next to the kerb, handle towards the house.
  • Do not block pedestrian pathways or vehicle access
  • The lid must be effectively closed.
  • Material not in the wheelie bin will not be collected.
  • Do not overload the bin – maximum weight is 70kg.
  • Bag all loose rubbish (eg. dust, kitchen scraps).

Failure to observe these conditions may result in bin not being emptied

Bulk Rubbish Collection

Council provides Bulk Rubbish Collection for the residents living in the townships of Hughenden, Prairie, and Torrens Creek.

Council advertises collection dates in the Flinders Post as well as through Council’s Social Media.

The bulk service will remove:

  • Household furniture.
  • White goods/metal products including degassed fridges, freezers, stoves, washing machines (doors must be removed or sealed for child safety).
  • E-Waste such as household electronic items including televisions and computers.
  • Green waste and general unwanted household items.
  • Cars (by arrangement) – Please contact Council Parks and Gardens 0428 411 658

The bulk service will not remove:

  • Food waste
  • Building, construction and renovation waste.
  • Demolition waste.
  • Asbestos
  • Gas cylinders.
  • Hazardous materials (including paint, oils and chemicals).
  • Solar panels and glass sheets.


  • Residents are to contact Council 4741 2900 to register their name on the collection list after the collection dates have been advertised.
  • Waste must be placed on the verge no more than seven days prior to collection dates.
  • Hard waste, green waste, metals and e-waste are to be placed neatly on the verge in four separate piles so it can be recycled.
  • Keep visibility clear for pedestrians, cyclists and motorists.
  • Keep rubbish one metre clear of the footpath.

Bulk waste placed on the verge area more than seven days before the collection or immediately after the collection dates advertised will be removed by Council at cost.

Once your rubbish is removed please DO NOT place any more rubbish on the verge area as it will not be collected.