Arts and Culture Plan

Arts & Culture

The sustainability of our region is dependent upon the integration of a set of interconnected factors - cultural, environmental, social, and economic. This Arts and Cultural Plan recognises this fusion and acknowledges that investment in arts and cultural development is an important contribution to sustaining a resilient, liveable and prosperous community.

Research shows that engagement and participation in quality arts and culture programs can enrich the personal lives of residents, support the health, social and cultural wellbeing of the community and contribute to the region’s economic prosperity. Underpinned by the Arts & Cultural Development Policy 2017- 2022, this Plan is designed to encourage greater engagement and participation in locally determined, quality arts and culture experiences and provide the foundation for a cultural vitality that enhances the liveability of our community, our spirit and our way of life.

This Arts and Cultural Development Plan is the means by which we illuminate what matters to us and give significance to what’s important for the quality of life in our community. It is designed to link with and complement other Council planning instruments and the broad scope of Council’s operations. Most of all it is a community plan for which Council plays a key leadership role, in partnership with a community willing and able to share the leadership and responsibilities. 

The preparation of this plan took place over many months and included wide-ranging primary and Secondary research and analysis*. It respects the past, acknowledges the present and looks to the future. It takes a broad approach to the understanding of culture and recognises the important role of the arts as creative expression and community voice. It is a tribute to the many groups and individuals who have contributed and continue to contribute to the arts and cultural vitality of the community and presents opportunities for further growth. 

Over many years Council and the Community have made a considerable investment in arts and cultural development. The public value of this investment is manifold. This Plan builds on this substantial platform and provides a framework for further investment around a shared vision. It outlines the direction for a vibrant, creative, welcoming community brimming with cultural vitality.

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Public Art

Based on the platform provided by The Flinders Shire Public Art Policy, the Public Art Development Plan provides a direction for the consolidation of existing public art and the further development of public art in the region.

The Public Art Development Plan addresses three main areas:

  • New commissioned artworks:
    • New works, which range from moderate scale works to major projects
  • Current Collection Management:
    • Regular maintenance of existing public art assets
  • Public Programs:
    • The involvement of the community in public art projects

The proposals in the Public Art Development Plan are consistent with the vision and policies outlined in the Flinders Shire Arts and Cultural Plan 2017 – 2021, and the Flinders Shire Council Public Art Policy 2017 - 2022.

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