Wash Down Bay

A washdown bay is available at the entry of the Saleyards grounds in McLaren Street for use by truck drivers, travellers and other users.

Access to the washdown bay is available at all times, please note that users are to supply their own hose.

Due to hoses going missing in the past, you now have to supply your own hose or one can be hired from the Flinders Discovery Centre, please refer to Flinders Shire Council Fees and Charges.

Hose Fitting Details

Council has installed two Camlock fittings which will fit the following hose sizes:

  • Camlock Fitting: 1 ½ inch to fit hoses: 1 ¼ inch (32mm) or 1 ½ inch (40mm)
  • Camlock Fitting: ¾ inch to fit hoses: ½ inch (12mm) or ¾ inch (20mm)