Horse Paddock

Flinders Shire Council has sixteen horse paddocks situated off McLaren Street adjacent to the sale yards complex which they rent out to local residents to keep horses in. Paddock sizes are approximately 7,000sqm and are appropriately fenced with four strands of 5mm cable, 1.3m high with a single 3m bar gate. Each paddock has an individual trough, tap and water meter that may be used by the occupant. The terms and conditions of rental for the horse paddocks are set out in Council's Horse Paddocks Policy.

To apply for a horse paddock, you are required to fill out an expression of interest form and submit it to the Council Office. If all paddocks are occupied, you will be placed on a waiting list with Council in priority of the date received. A formal rental agreement between Flinders Shire Council and the occupant will be drawn up and signed before the paddock can be occupied.

Relevant documentation:

For more information and bookings please contact:

Flinders Shire Council

Phone: (07) 4741 2900