Quick Response Streams

(Formerly known as the Community Donation and Sporting Excellence Programs) 


FSC Funding Chart


The objectives of the Flinders Shire Council’s Community Quick Response Donations Program, is designed to build relationships with community organisations to provide benefits to the Flinders Shire residents and visitors by ensuring Flinders Shire is a vibrant active community.

This program aims to support community organisations in Flinders Shire by:

  • Providing mentoring opportunities to community organisations to strengthen their organisation;
  • Promoting community awareness and value of cultural and community events and festivals;
  • Enhancing the profile and appeal of the region and attracting new visitors to the region by a diverse events and festivals program;
  • Facilitating community interaction and stakeholder relationships with Flinders Shire Council;
  • Generating local economic activity and development


  • The decision of Council on funding applications is final.
  • Financial Support from the policy may require compliance with specific conditions before payment. Should these conditions not be met by the specified date, Council reserves the right to revoke the offer of support.
  • Flinders Shire Council would appreciate relevant acknowledgement for their donation.
  • All successful recipients will be recorded in a donations register which Council will have the right to publish as they see fit. 


Be a Community Organisation – An incorporated non-profit organisation / club or charity consisting of people having common interests. Includes sport and recreation clubs, social clubs, school P&F / P&C associations, arts and cultural groups, hospital foundations, religious orders and service organisations. Community organisations exclude schools, businesses and government agencies.

  • Donation request does not exceed more than $500.
  • The donation request directly supports a demonstrated need within the community or the project provides a direct or indirect benefit for residents in the community.
  • Have a valid public liability certificate.


  • Organisations are ineligible if previous Council donations are not satisfactorily acquitted.
  • Organisations / Clubs that have an outstanding payment owed to Council.
  • Individuals, unincorporated groups, political, businesses and for-profit groups.


Applications must demonstrate:

  • Donation request does not exceed more than $500
  • The donation request directly supports a demonstrated need within the community or the project provides a direct or indirect benefit for residents in the community and
  • The applicant organisation is making a contribution to the project and
  • Have current public liability to the value of $20m and
  • All eligibility criteria have been met.


The following will not be considered for funding:

  • General operating costs (eg electricity, rates, phone, rent, meals, accommodation, and maintenance)
  • Private/commercial ventures.
  • Support for an individual pursuit.
  • Commercial activities.
  • Ongoing salaries/wages for staff (a position created for the length of a project is considered eligible).Projects that do not involve the Flinders Shire Council community.


In determining the level of assistance required, Council shall:

  • Assess application against the Selection Criteria and Policy
  • Establish the level of funding available in terms of its’ coming budget requirements;
  • Apportion such funding across each application eligible for funding.


Applications will be submitted for consideration at the monthly council meetings. Applications must be submitted a minimum of 6 weeks prior to event to allow adequate time for processing.

Successful applicants:

You will receive an Approval Letter and a purchase order for the donation amount requested within 2 weeks of approval. Your Community Organisation will be required to submit an invoice for payment.

Unsuccessful applicants:

Failure to receive funding is not necessarily due to a poor application but may be the result of the demand for funds. For feedback on your application, please refer to the contact phone number given in your notification letter. You may wish to consider submitting your application to another round of donations.


Last minute applications outside the 6 week time frame will not be considered


The Quick Response Contribution to Sporting Excellence is a program to help foster and support our local participations in representational sports.  The program is to assist with costs associated with attending events.   


If Council approves the contribution application, the applicant must adhere to the following requirements:

  • Obtain all necessary consents and approvals.
  • If under any circumstances the competitor does not attend the event, they must return all funds to the Council within two weeks after the completion of the event.
  • An obligation to notify Council of any material changes in the event. E.g. event dates changed.
  • Appear in Flinders Shire promotional material and media releases in the form of written press, photographs and digital media and give public acknowledgement to the Council’s contribution.
  • Council must receive a completed application form from the competitor towards the costs of their sporting activity four weeks prior to the actual event or as soon as practical after selection;
  • The application must detail their sporting achievements over the last twelve months and include confirmation from the peak body of their selection;
  • The applicant must be a current resident of Flinders Shire, or a child a dependant of a Shire resident, e.g. student at boarding school;
  • The trip must be organised by a regional, state, national or internationally accredited peak body/organisation;
  • The applicant must have been selected through a point systems, placings or selection through a formal sporting body in their chosen sport.
  • Council will not consider school trips/excursions under this policy;
  • Successful applicants must be willing to appear in Flinders Shire promotional material and media releases in the form of written press, photographs and digital media.
  • Flinders Shire Council requests the competitor to give public acknowledgement of Council’s contribution.


Sport and Rec Officer

Flinders Shire Council

P (07) 4741 2900

E sportandrec@flinders.qld.gov.au


Applications are open throughout the year, however do have a six week turn around time. Apply via https://flinders.smartygrants.com.au