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9 December to 28 February 2022
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The Regional Arts Development Fund (RADF) is a partnership between state and local governments which invests in quality arts and cultural experiences across Queensland based on locally determined priorities.

All applications forms are now online and can be found HERE. Please see below for Guidelines and Local Priorities.


What is RADF?

The Regional Arts Development Fund (RADF) is a partnership between state and local governments which invests in quality arts and cultural experiences across Queensland based on locally determined priorities.

RADF promotes the role and value of arts, culture and heritage as key drivers to support diversity and inclusivity; grow strong regions; and provide training, education and employment opportunities for Queensland artists and local communities.

From 2015, Councils will deliver locally tailored RADF programs based on the identified priorities, opportunities and capacities of their local communities. This means that RADF may look different place to place as to best respond to the ways of working and aspirations of local communities.

It is expected RADF will:

  • Grow local returns on arts and culture investments by being more flexible and focused on locally–determined outcomes and new ways of working
  • Encourage transparency and local decision–making in Government by supporting outcomes identified in local council plans developed in consultation with communities
  • Foster collaboration within communities and encourage new partnerships with private and other sectors to deliver improved outcomes

For information on other Arts Queensland programs and opportunities please visit


Flinders Shire Locally Determined Priorities

  • Creative Life
    • Active, vibrant art and cultural sector with opportunities for all community members to participate according to their needs, interests and abilities
    • E.g. Encourage community engagement and participation. Build creative capacity
  • Community Spirit
    • A community that values and celebrates its cultural life and achievements and honours significant contributions to the rich texture of community life and wellbeing
    • E.g. Initiatives which celebrate and encourage our achievements and reward those who contribute to our community
  • Vibrant Places & Spaces
    • A visually appealing, attractive Shire with vibrant public spaces and access to quality arts and cultural facilities and resources
    • E.g. Encouraging Public Art Initiatives as per the PA Plan
  • Valued History and Heritage
    • A strong sense of history through the preservation and promotion of the region’s rich natural and cultural heritage
    • E.g. Activities acknowledging our heritage and history, for example, preserving and providing access to locally held collections, telling local stories through plays, videos, educations programs, publications etc
  • Productive Partnerships
    • Productive partnerships, alliances within and external to the region
    • E.g. Forming partnerships and working together with other groups/organisations or Council
  • Cultural Citizenship
    • Sound community-based leadership of a well-coordinated art and cultural sector which actively promotes that values of participation and investment in arts and culture
    • E.g. Activities where groups take a proactive leadership role, leading initiatives identified in the Arts and Cultural Plan 17-22, activities which build community cultural capacity
  • Diverse Economy
    • Art and cultural sector that contributes to a dynamic, resilient local economy
    • E.g. Encouraging the development of skills where participants then practise this in their community. Professional development seminars or activities, master classes, mentorships and placements


Our Local Principles

  • Sense of identity and place
  • Creativity and innovation
  • Acceptance and diversity
  • Access and equity of opportunity
  • Conservation and sustainability
  • Leadership and collaboration
  • Family Values
  • Economic Value



As well as assessing your application again the priorities listed above, the Arts Advisory Committee will also assess your application against the following:

  • Quality
    • Is this activity/project producing high-quality arts and local initiatives for the Flinders community? Has the organiser had success in the past with similar projects?
  • Reach
    • Does the activity/project provide access and engagement in arts and culture for diverse communities, practitioners, participants and audiences? Is there evidence that there is a local demand for this project? How was demand measured (example - follow up on previous activities, surveys, verbal discussions)?
  • Impact
    • What are the returns on this investment? Can be cultural, artistic, social or economic (example - more communities members having specific skills, an increase of tourism, an increase of social activities)
  • Viability
    • Is there good planning behind this application? Are there possibilities to expand this activity further? Have there been partnerships developed?

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How does the RADF Program Operate in my Community

The Community Services team will continue to manage the local program in partnership with Flinders Shire Council Arts Advisory Group.

A funding pool will be offered annually, comprising of two funding rounds and assessed by the Arts Advisory Group.

If the Arts Advisory Group approves a RADF application, a Letter of Offer will be provided to the successful applicant / s outlining the Funding Agreement, Conditions of Offer, grant amounts and any special conditions or recommendations made by the Flinders Shire Council Arts Advisory Group.

The Funding Agreement will be constituted by the following documents:

  • Original application to Council
  • The Letter of Offer
  • Applicants Letter of Acceptance

The Funding Agreement will commence on the date of receipt of your Letter of Acceptance by Council. Applicants will also be required to provide a Tax Invoice for the approved grant amount (GST Free).

Conditions of Offer will include:

  • Approval must be obtained from the Flinders Shire Council Arts Advisory Group (in writing) for any changes to the applicant’s project. Changes can only occur once written approval has been granted by the group
  • The recipient will use the grant solely for the purpose agreed by the Flinders Shire Council Arts Advisory Group
  • The recipient adheres to abide by RADF Acknowledgement Guidelines for RADF Grant Recipients (included in Letter of Offer pack)
  • The recipient is required to submit an Outcome Report no more than eight (8) weeks after the conclusion of the project
  • The Letter of Offer shall be void unless executed by the grant recipient and returned with the required documentation to Flinders Shire Council within 30 days of the date of this letter
  • Any extra conditions or recommendations must be considered and adhered to
  • Failure to comply with the conditions of funding will result in the grant recipient being ineligible for further grants through RADF and the Flinders Shire Council
  • Multiple applications can be accepted from groups, organisations and individuals per funding round (called two (2) times per year) however the level of assistance is limited by the total RADF Budget and Community Rounds allocations. No applicant is guaranteed funding nor can any applicant be guaranteed to receive the full amount requested
  • In most instances assistance is available for up to 65% of the total costs of a project, only up to 10% of printing, framing and freight costs will be considered and administration and catering costs are ineligible, however, there is an Interest-Free Loan category were assistance is available to 100% of the total costs and the total amount of the loan must be paid back at the conclusion of the activity

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What is a RADF Liaison Officer

The RADF Liaison Officer is a Council officer who is your main contact for the RADF Program. They liaise with officers at Arts Queensland to ensure appropriate management of the RADF Program and Arts Advisory Group.

It is strongly advised that applicants contact the RADF Liaison Officer to discuss their project prior to submitting the application. The RADF Liaison Officer can provide vital information and resources and, if necessary, can either meet with you to discuss your project idea and assist with your application or arrange for you to meet with an Arts Advisory Group member.

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What is the Flinders Shire Council Arts Advisory Group?

The key roles of the Arts Advisory Group would be to:

  • Assess RADF Applications against criteria and provides recommendations on whether it is funded or not
  • Develops and advises Council on policy, strategy and annual priorities relating to the arts
  • Develops community involvement and networks and promote participation in the arts
  • Acts as a body for marketing, fostering understanding and appreciation of the positive role that the arts have in supporting the development of cultural opportunities
  • Is a structure through which views and interests of the Flinders Shire community can be articulated for the attention of Council and its staff
  • Creates and facilitates specific issues sub-committees deemed appropriate by Council
  • Provide advice to Council on issues related to the proposed Arts and Cultural Centre

Interested in becoming involved? Contact the Community Development Officer for further information.

Committee Member Information and Nomination

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Funding Rounds

Please contact the RLO for dates.


Contact the RADF Liaison Officer, at the Flinders Shire Council for further information.

Please ring to make an appointment to discuss your project and receive help with your application.

PH 07 4741 2900 or email

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RADF Forms and Guidelines

Download relevant documentation below: 

Successful applicants, please note you will be required to acknowledge the support of RADF with the following wording -

This project is supported by a grant from the Regional Arts Development Fund. The Regional Arts Development Fund is a partnership between the Queensland Government and Flinders Shire Council to support local arts and culture in regional Queensland.

For further information and resources visit the Arts Queensland website or the Arts Acumen page.

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