Hughenden Offstream Water Storage

The Hughenden Offstream Water Storage project has been a priority of Flinders Shire Council as an enabling project to support the ongoing development of the 15 Mile Irrigation Development Project, and the proposed Hughenden meatworks and feedlot.

Five key benefits have been identified from the project delivery by addressing the above problems. These are:

  1. Regional economic growth – Preliminary stages of work found that at a 7% real discount rate, the project returns a Net Present Value (NPV) of $5.0 million and a Benefit Cost Ratio (BCR) of 1.09. At a discount rate of 4%, the results improve to $19.5 million and 1.33, respectively
  2.  Increased regional employment opportunities
  3. Optimised utilisation of existing natural resource base (land and water resources)
  4. Improved financial sustainability and rate base.
  5. Community resilience and sustainability

These benefits also align with the wider strategic vision of Flinders Shire Council.

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